From a product to 40 gms to 142 Kgs product, our manufacturing facilities have diverse capabilities to machine close tolerance, complex components, in a variety of materials, to customer print.


DMG Mori & Ace Micromatic HMCs

Compressive Shop Floor

Ace Micromatic VMCs

BFW & Ace Micromatic VTLs

Ace Micromatic CNCs


We work with a fully equipped in-house machinery that enables us to handle all finishing processes required to give your parts the highest quality appearance. Our quality control department uses the latest technology using both CMM and vision inspection equipments’s, and our experienced quality inspectors are trained in geometric dimensions and tolerance inspection.

Our calibrated equipment allows us to maintain tolerances down to .0001. We work with the wide range of suppliers that enables us to handle all finishing process that required to give your parts a highest quality appearance available. At Globewin Group we take pride in the exceptional quality of products we deliver.

Zeiss CMM

In- House Manufacturing of SpmsIn-House Manufacturing of Spms

Foot Massager

We develop the Kansya foot massager which help to detoxify the internal organs and maintains the health of the people.

Bush Press


Space Availability Space Availability


Space Availability

We are equipped to take on new opportunities with a space of about 1 lakh
sq. ft. readily available for future expansion.