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About the Group About the Group

We are recognised as the pioneers in all types of precision machining in Ahmednagar, being the first independent CNC, VMC and HMC ultra-modern machine shop. Ahmednagar is a district place located 120 km from both, Pune and Aurangabad, and 160 km from Nashik, Maharashtra, India.  

Mr. Prasanna Mutha established Manikprem Industries as first precision CNC machining facility in small scale in 1992 on Pune road at Ahmednagar. It has dependably been A+ supplier for every one of the clients since 1997. With the developing request and expanded certainty of the clients, a second unit, Microtech Industries was begun in 2004 in MIDC area where machining of Sintered products started and sub-assemblies and assemblies for L & T began. Third unit, Tej Industriesinception happened in 2010 in MIDC area. Within a span of several years, Microtech Industries and Tej Industries too have demonstrated themselves as reliable A+ suppliers to a range of varied customers. Both the units are ISO 9001 2015 certified. 

To deliver to the quality cognizant client base and to support Government’s brilliant ‘MAKE IN INDIA‘ scheme, a state of the art plant called Globewin Precise Products LLP consisting of best in class machining facilities and top class quality equipment was set up in Supa in 2018. Additional facilities like Heat Treatment are being added to the services we provide. This, alongside a sound and a healthy employer employee relationship, guarantees uninterrupted supplies of quality products on time. A solid administration group alongside a committed and dedicated workforce is the foundation of all of the Group Companies guaranteeing a top notch quality and services. The greater part of the components is DOL.

We take pride in the way that we have effectively taken dynamic part in technology upgradation programs. While Manikprem Industries was associated with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna, Austria, Tej Industries is associated with the SCORE project of International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland. Both the regarded and esteemed associations have valued us for our devotion and high rate of implementation.

The entire Group of Companies is resolved to supply defect-free components at a reasonable value guaranteeing services of high quality and calibre.

Mission and VisionMission and Vision


To deliver top quality, low cost products and services to our customers while leading in operational excellence


To be recognized as the pioneers in precision components manufacturing company in India through our performance, our people and commitment to our core values.

Our ability to achieve the vision rests with our people, who are actively working to make the vision real. We strive to be the best at what we do, both internally and externally, and are constantly changing to meet customer needs and expectations.

Group Head MessageGroup Head Message


Upon assuming the office of Group Head from 16th October 1986, kindly let me share with you, my aspirations.

With rapid advances in technology, such as in the form of AI and IoT, industry today is facing a time of monumental structural transformation. It changes significantly in the surrounding business environment, including in our chief business domain of Mobility. Viewing that such environmental changes bring not only risk but also opportunity, I intend to harness the situation for the creation of new business models that are in harmony with society.

At the same time, while never forgetting the Globewin Group Way, which is the DNA of our company—in other words, “Innovations”, “Inspirations”, and “Inventions” and other elements that make our company what it is, I would like to unite with the employees of the entire Globewin Group and create new value, aiming to be a company that contributes to the building of a prosperous future for whoever is associated with us.

Also, in our wonderful journey of 33 years I would like to sincerely express my deep appreciation to all our partners (customers and suppliers) who have supported our development thus far. And I humbly request that they continue to provide us with their encouragement and guidance.

Mr. Prasanna Mutha


Leadership Leadership

Prasanna Mutha

Group HeadPrasanna Mutha

Group Head
Nakul Mutha

Managing PartnerNakul Mutha

Managing Partner
Jaykumar Munot

Managing PartnerJaykumar Munot

Managing Partner

Awards & CertificatesAwards & Certificates


Jobs at GlobewinOpenings

Globewin has experienced great growth over the years, but we’ve strived to maintain a family atmosphere where employees can thrive and succeed. Without a doubt, the people behind Globewin are the cornerstone of our company’s success.

Job you were looking for is not listed above?
Then why not send us a CV after all?

Jobs at GlobewinOpenings

Globewin has experienced great growth over the years, but we’ve strived to maintain a family atmosphere where employees can thrive and succeed. Without a doubt, the people behind Globewin are the cornerstone of our company’s success.

Job you were looking for is not listed above?
Then why not send us a CV after all?